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The exclusive ''Atec inc.'' company of fishing rods producment was founded in Japan more than 30 years ago, and a little over ten years ago the company created the Tailwalk brand to produce top quality rods for all excited spining rod users all around the world.

Tailwalk have an extremely wide range of fishing rods for every different spining fishing style. We will list some of their leading products and rod series in which they have exceptional products that we highly recommend.

One of the well known series on our market is Tailwalk Dageki - these are specialized rods created for the needs of the European customer for fishing for pike and zander. The brand also offers an amazing light spinning rod model, which is a great start for anyone looking for a universal fishing rod for light spin fishing, it is not only good for begginers but advanced anglers will also feel the power of this incredible rod.

When it comes to river trout fishing and trout rod, a well-known name among the anglers is Tailwalk Troutia, which is available in a variety of different models, but the most popular ones are Troutia 62L (light spinning rod) and Troutia 55L, as well as 55ML (medium light rod). The listed models are also a great choice for chub fishing with various lures - from spinners, trough soft lures, to small crankbaits.

The Fulrange series specializes in largemouth bass fishing and is rich in casting and spinning rod models. The light spinning version Fullrange S65L is a great universal rod, suitable for fishing multi fish species in our region. While his bigger brother - the Fullrange S71ML is an excellent medium light spinning rod with an exceptional amount of power in it, it is specifically designed to work with weightless soft lures when fishing for black bass and pike as well.

Now, a little more about ultralight fishing. The first name you can think of an ultra light rod is Tailwalk Ajist TZ, it is one of the flagship models of the brand and when it comes to sensitivity, lightness, balance and high-end components, it simply has no analogue. This is the absolute favorite in terms of sensitivity and power in one when it comes to ultra light rods. Made with care by the best quality carbon fibers, components, Fuji guides and Fuji reel seat.

One common universal ultralight rod of the brand is Tailwalk SSD MicroGamer series, especially the Micro Gamer 64UL model. Incomparable when fishing with soft lures, cranks and jerkbaits from still water to strong currents, as well as saltwater fishing. The incredible price/quality ratio makes this rod one of our bestsellers. Great sensitivity and an amazing amount of power even for the biggest fish you can come across. Highly recommended by our team! Excelent choice for those of you who would like to fish as many species possible using only one single rod.

The next trending and very interesting fishing style is Tenkara fly fishing. This is a specific method using a specialized Tenkara fly rod, which the brand offers in the Tailwalk Tenkara Fly Combo version at variety of different lenghts. The Fly Combo includes the Tenkara rod itself, colored indicator nylon line, tippet and dry flies with which you can start fishing immediately after opening the package.

In addition to the fishing rods listed above, the Tailwalk brand also offers many other fishing rods suitable for perch fishing, trout fishing and pike fishing, as well as proper rods for all other predator species. But it is not limited to them, it also offers a number of models for fishing in saltwater, both from the shore and offshore.

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